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3.4.10   Classmark change procedure   PDF-p. 98
3.4.11   Classmark interrogation procedure
3.4.12   Indication of notifications and paging information   PDF-p. 99
3.4.13   RR connection release procedure
3.4.14   Receiving a RR STATUS message by a RR entity   PDF-p. 104
3.4.15   Group receive mode procedures   Mobile station side   Network side   PDF-p. 107   VBS/VGCS reconfiguration procedure [R6]   PDF-p. 109   Failure cases   PDF-p. 110   Additional Information procedure [R7]   SMS to on going group call procedure [R7]      Up
3.4.16   Configuration change procedure   PDF-p. 111
3.4.17   Mapping of user data substreams onto timeslots in a multislot configuration
3.4.18   Handling of classmark information at band change   PDF-p. 112
3.4.19   Void
3.4.20   Void
3.4.21   Application Procedures
3.4.22   RR procedures related to packet resource establishment while in dedicated mode
3.4.23   RR procedures related to packet resource maintenance while in dual transfer mode   PDF-p. 122
3.4.24   RR procedures related to packet resource release while in dual transfer mode   PDF-p. 125      Up
3.4.25   GPRS suspension procedure
3.4.26   GPRS Transparent Transport Procedure
3.4.27   RR procedures related to dedicated mode MBMS notification [R6]
3.4.28   Transmission of application-specific data by the talker [R8]

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