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3.4   Procedures in dedicated mode and in group transmit mode
3.4.1   SACCH procedures   General   Measurement Report and Enhanced Measurement Report   PDF-p. 67   Extended measurement report $(MAFA)$
3.4.2   Transfer of messages and link layer service provision   PDF-p. 77
3.4.3   Channel assignment procedure      Up
3.4.4   Handover procedure   PDF-p. 80
3.4.4a   Handover to UTRAN procedure   PDF-p. 87
3.4.4b   Handover to CDMA2000 procedure   PDF-p. 89
3.4.4c   Intermode handover to GERAN Iu mode procedure [R5]   PDF-p. 90
3.4.4d   CS to PS SRVCC procedure [R11]
3.4.5   Frequency redefinition procedure      Up
3.4.6   Channel mode modify procedure
3.4.7   Ciphering mode setting procedure
3.4.7a   Selective Ciphering of Downlink SACCH [R10]   PDF-p. 96
3.4.8   Additional channel assignment procedure
3.4.9   Partial channel release procedure

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