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8   Definition of the peer-to-peer protocol LAPDm
8.1   General      Up
8.2   General Protocol Procedures   PDF-p. 31
8.3   Procedures for unacknowledged information transfer
8.4   Procedures for establishment and release of multiple frame operation
8.5   Procedures for information transfer in multiple frame operation
8.6   Abnormal release and re-establishment of multiple frame operation
8.7   Exception condition reporting and recovery for multiple frame operation
8.8   List of system parameters   PDF-p. 50
8.9   System performance requirements
9   Special protocol operation on SAPI=0 and SAPI=3   PDF-p. 52
10   Repeated Downlink FACCH   PDF-p. 53
11   Repeated SACCH   PDF-p. 54
A  (Normative)   Random access procedures   PDF-p. 55
G  (Normative)   Handling of frames with parameter errors in the address, control and length indicator fields   PDF-p. 56
C   Change History   PDF-p. 59

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