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6   Radio Interface (Um) [R4]      Up
6.1   Radio Resource management principles
6.2   Radio Resource operating modes
6.3   Layered overview of radio interface   PDF-p. 38
6.4   Physical RF Layer
6.5   Physical Link Layer
6.5.1   Layer Services   PDF-p. 39
6.5.2   Layer Functions
6.5.3   Service Primitives   PDF-p. 40
6.5.4   Radio Block Structure
6.5.5   Channel Coding
6.5.6   Cell Re-selection   PDF-p. 78
6.5.7   Timing Advance   PDF-p. 80
6.5.8   Power control procedure   PDF-p. 83
6.5.9   Scheduling the MS activities during the PTCCH and idle frames
6.5.10   Discontinuous Reception (DRX)   PDF-p. 86
6.6   Medium Access Control and Radio Link Control Layer   PDF-p. 87
6.6.1   Layer Services      Up
6.6.2   Layer Functions
6.6.3   Service Primitives   PDF-p. 88
6.6.4   Model of Operation   General [R13]   Multiplexing MSs on the same PDCH   PDF-p. 94   Temporary Block Flow   Temporary Flow Identity   Medium Access modes   Acknowledged mode for RLC/MAC operation   PDF-p. 96   Unacknowledged mode for RLC/MAC operation   PDF-p. 97   Non-persistent mode for RLC/MAC operation [R6]   Mobile Originated Packet Transfer      Up   Mobile Terminated Packet Transfer   PDF-p. 105      Up   Simultaneous Uplink and Downlink Packet Transfer   PDF-p. 109
6.7   Abnormal cases in GPRS MS Ready State   PDF-p. 110
6.8   Void
6.9   MBMS Data Transfer [R6]
A   Bibliography [R4]   PDF-p. 111      Up
B   Multiple TBF Feature [R6]   PDF-p. 112
C   Change history   PDF-p. 119

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