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9   Elements for NGAP Communication
9.1   General
9.2   Message Functional Definition and Content      Up
9.2.1   PDU Session Management Messages
9.2.2   UE Context Management Messages   Word-p. 49
9.2.3   UE Mobility Management Messages
9.2.4   Paging Messages
9.2.5   NAS Transport Messages
9.2.6   Interface Management Messages
9.2.7   Configuration Transfer Messages
9.2.8   Warning Message Transmission Messages   Word-p. 64
9.3   Information Element Definitions
9.3.1   Radio Network Layer Related IEs   Message Type   Cause      Up   Criticality Diagnostics   Bit Rate   Word-p. 65   Global RAN Node ID   Global gNB ID   NR CGI   Global ng-eNB ID   Word-p. 66   E-UTRA CGI   GBR QoS Flow Information   PDU Session Setup Request Transfer   Word-p. 67   PDU Session Setup Response Transfer      Up   PDU Session List   PDU Session Release Command Transfer   PDU Session Release Response Transfer   Word-p. 68   PDU Session Resource Modify Request Transfer   PDU Session Resource Modify Response Transfer   PDU Session Resource Notify Transfer   Word-p. 69   PDU Session Resource Modify Indication Transfer   Word-p. 70   PDU Session Resource Modify Confirm Transfer   PDU Session Path Switch Request Transfer   PDU Session Path Switch Request Ack Transfer      Up   QoS Flow Level QoS Parameters   Word-p. 71   QoS Flow List   QoS Flow ID List   Word-p. 72   RRC Inactive Assistance Information   User Location Information   Slice Support List   Word-p. 73   Non-standardised QoS Flow Descriptor   Allocation and Retention Priority   Word-p. 74   Source to Target Transparent Container   Target to Source Transparent Container   Word-p. 75      Up   Handover Type   MICO Mode Indication
9.3.2   Transport Network Layer Related IEs
9.3.3   NAS Related IEs
9.4   Message and Information Element Abstract Syntax (with ASN.1)
9.5   Message Transfer Syntax
9.6   Timers
10   Handling of Unknown, Unforeseen and Erroneous Protocol Data
A   Change history   Word-p. 88

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