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4.11  Test signal configurations for testingPDF-p. 20
4.11.1  General
4.11.2  Test signal configurationsPDF-p. 21  ATCR1: UTRA multicarrier operationUp  ANTCR1: UTRA FDD multicarrier non-contiguous operation  ATCR2: E-UTRA multicarrier operation  ANTCR2: E-UTRA multicarrier non-contiguous operation  ATCR3: UTRA and E-UTRA multi RAT operation  ANTCR3: UTRA and E-UTRA multi RAT non-contiguous operation  ATCR4: Single carrier for receiver tests  Generation of MB-MSR test configurations  ATCR6: Single carrier for Transmitter testsPDF-p. 28
4.12  RF channels and test modelsPDF-p. 29Up
4.13  Format and interpretation of testsPDF-p. 30
4.14  Reference coordinate systemPDF-p. 31

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