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TR 36.825 (RAN)
Feasibility study on possible additional configuration for LTE TDD

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(W-zip) V13.0.0    2015/09    35 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Pan, Xueming
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The objective of the study is to evaluate issues related to the potential introduction of the following additional configuration(s) for LTE TDD; 10:0:0 and 9:1:0 (DL:Sp:UL). This includes:
  • Identify the scenario(s), frequency band(s), and use cases(s) of the possible additional TDD configuration(s)
  • Coexistence with adjacent standalone LTE TDD operations in the same band
  • To be compared with the coexistence between intra-band adjacent LTE TDD operations using different UL/DL configurations
  • Evaluation of the potential benefits and drawbacks of the additional TDD configuration(s) and possible solutions to mitigate the potential drawbacks
  • Any other relevant ecosystem aspect(s)
  • Compare the option of using 10:0:0 and/or 9:1:0 TDD configuration for a TDD spectrum against the alternative of converting the TDD spectrum to FDD supplemental DL spectrum


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1   Scope   Word-p. 4
2   References   Word-p. 5
3   Definitions, symbols and abbreviations   Word-p. 6
4   Deployment scenarios of possible additional TDD configuration(s)   Word-p. 7
5   Coexistence study with adjacent standalone TDD operations   Word-p. 8
6   Evaluation of possible additional TDD configuration(s)   Word-p. 16
7   Ecosystem aspects
8   Summary
A   Simulation assumptions for co-existence and performance set 2   Word-p. 30      Up
B   Change history   Word-p. 35

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