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7A   NB-IoT Test Methods and Design Considerations
7A.1   Physical signals and channels      Up
7A.2   System information   PDF-p. 176
7A.3   Search space configurations      Up
7A.4   Timing considerations   PDF-p. 181
7A.5   Scheduling requests and scheduling of UL grants      Up
7A.6   Scheduling requirements
7A.7   RRC Connection Release Sequence
7A.8   DL CCCH Message and Contention Resolution MAC Control Element transmission in one MAC PDU or in separate MAC PDUs   PDF-p. 189
7A.9   Cell Configuration
7A.10   Timers and Timing Restrictions
7A.11   Error Indication
7A.12   NBIOT RSRQ Calculations      Up
8   External Function Definitions
9   IXIT Proforma   PDF-p. 193
10   Postambles
10.1   Postambles for E-UTRA to UTRA tests
10.2   Postambles for E-UTRAN to GERAN tests   PDF-p. 209
10.3   Postambles for E-UTRA test cases   PDF-p. 214
10.4   Postambles for E-UTRA to HRPD test cases
10.5   Postambles for NB-IoT test cases
11   Guidelines on test execution

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