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10   MBMS Performance
11   Performance Requirement (ProSe Direct Discovery)
11.1   General
11.2   Demodulation of PSDCH (single link performance)   Word-p. 3856      Up
11.3   Power imbalance performance with two links
11.4   Multiple timing reference test
11.5   Maximum Sidelink processes test   Word-p. 3869
12   Performance requirement (ProSe Direct Communication)
12.1   General
12.2   Demodulation of PSSCH
12.3   Demodulation of PSCCH (single link performance)
12.4   Demodulation of PSBCH (single link performance)
12.5   Power imbalance performance with two links   Word-p. 3881
12.6   Multiple timing reference test   Word-p. 3884
12.7   Maximum Sidelink processes test
A  (Normative)   Measurement Channels   Word-p. 3887
A.1   General
A.2   UL reference measurement channels   Word-p. 3888      Up
A.3   DL reference measurement channels   Word-p. 3924
A.3.1   General
A.3.2   Reference measurement channel for receiver characteristics   Word-p. 3936
A.3.2A   Downlink Reference measurement channel for TX characteristics   Word-p. 3957      Up
A.3.2B   Downlink Reference measurement channel for ProSe testing   Word-p. 3961
A.3.3   Reference measurement channel for PDSCH performance requirements (FDD)   Word-p. 3963
A.3.4   Reference measurement channel for PDSCH performance requirements (TDD)   Word-p. 3980
A.3.5   Reference measurement channels for PDCCH/PCFICH performance requirements   Word-p. 4007      Up
A.3.6   Reference measurement channels for PHICH performance requirements
A.3.7   [FFS]   Word-p. 4011
A.3.8   Reference measurement channels for MBMS performance requirements
A.3.9   Reference measurement channels for sustained downlink data rate provided by lower layers   Word-p. 4015
A.3.10   Reference Measurement Channels for EPDCCH performance requirements   Word-p. 4027
A.3.11   Reference Measurement Channels for MPDCCH performance requirements
A.3.12   Reference measurement channels for NPDSCH performance requirements      Up
A.3.15   Reference Measurement Channels for LAA SCell with frame structure Type-3   Word-p. 4032
A.4   CQI reference measurement channels
A.5   OFDMA Channel Noise Generator (OCNG)   Word-p. 4040
A.5.1   OCNG Patterns for FDD
A.5.2   OCNG Patterns for TDD
A.5.3   OCNG Patterns for frame structure type 3   Word-p. 4051
A.6   Sidelink reference measurement channels   Word-p. 4052
A.7   Sidelink reference resource pool configurations   Word-p. 4057
A.8   V2X reference measurement channels   Word-p. 4066      Up

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