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4.5.3C   Generic Radio Bearer Establishment, pre-registered on 1xRTT (State 3C)
4.5.3D   Generic Radio Bearer Establishment for RAN Assisted WLAN Interworking (State 3)
4.5.3E   Control plane CIoT connection request (State 3-CP)
4.5.3EA   Control plane CIoT connection request, UE Test Mode Activated (State 3A-CP)
4.5.3F   User plane CIoT connection request (State 3-UP)   PDF-p. 268
4.5.3FA   User plane CIoT connection request, UE Test Mode Activated (State 3A-UP)
4.5.4   Loopback Activation (State 4)
4.5.4A   Loopback Activation in cell supporting BL/CE UE (State 4-CE)
4.5.4B   Loopback Activation user plane (State 4A-UP)
4.5.5   HRPD registration (State H2)   PDF-p. 271
4.5.5A   HRPD registration, pre-registration on E-UTRAN (State H2A)
4.5.6   HRPD session establishment (State H3)   PDF-p. 272
4.5.6A   HRPD session establishment, pre-registered on E-UTRAN (State H3A)
4.5.7   Out of Coverage (State 5)   PDF-p. 273
4.5.8   Out of Coverage, V2X setup (State 5-V2X)
4.5.9   Out of Coverage, Test Loopback Activation, V2X setup (State 5A-V2X)

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