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6.4   RRC multiplicity and type constraint values   PDF-p. 592
6.5   PC5 RRC messages [R12]
6.6   Direct Indication Information [R13]
6.6a   Direct Indication FeMBMS [R14]
6.7   NB-IoT RRC messages [R13]   PDF-p. 598
6.7.1   General NB-IoT message structure
6.7.2   NB-IoT Message definitions
6.7.3   NB-IoT information elements   PDF-p. 620   NB-IoT System information blocks   NB-IoT Radio resource control information elements   PDF-p. 631   NB-IoT Security control information elements   NB-IoT Mobility control information elements   NB-IoT Measurement information elements   PDF-p. 649   NB-IoT Other information elements   NB-IoT MBMS information elements [R14]      Up   NB-IoT SC-PTM information elements [R14]
6.7.4   NB-IoT RRC multiplicity and type constraint values   PDF-p. 655
6.7.5   Direct Indication Information

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