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7.3   RRC PCO and ASP definitions   PDF-p. 93      Up
7.3.1   AM/UM/TM PCO and ASP definitions
7.3.2   Control PCO and ASP   SAP and PCO for control primitives transmission and reception   Control ASP Type Definition   PDF-p. 95   CPHY_AICH_AckModeSet   CPHY_Cell_Config   CPHY_Cell_Release   PDF-p. 96   CPHY_Cell_TimingAdjust   PDF-p. 97   CPHY_Detect_TFCI   PDF-p. 98      Up   CPHY_Ini   CPHY_Cell_TxPower_Modify   PDF-p. 99   CPHY_Frame_Number   CPHY_SFN (Rel-6 or later)   PDF-p. 100   CPHY_MBMS_MICH_q (Rel-6 or later)   CPHY_MBMS_NI (Rel-6 or later)   PDF-p. 104   CPHY_Out_of_Sync   PDF-p. 105   CPHY_PRACH_Measurement   CPHY_RL_Modify   PDF-p. 106   CPHY_RL_Release   PDF-p. 107      Up   CPHY_RL_Setup   PDF-p. 108   CPHY_Sync   PDF-p. 123   CPHY_HS_DPCCH_AckNack (Rel-5 or later)   CPHY_HS_DPCCH_CQI (Rel-5 or later)   PDF-p. 124   CPHY_HS_DPCCH_CQI_DC (Rel-8 or later)   PDF-p. 125   CPHY_HS_DSCH_CRC_Mode (Rel-5 or later)   PDF-p. 126   CPHY_TrCH_Config   PDF-p. 127   CPHY_UL_PowerModify   PDF-p. 133   CPHY_TrCH_Release   PDF-p. 134   CMAC_BMC_Scheduling      Up   CMAC_Ciphering_Activate   PDF-p. 135   CMAC_FACH_MeasOccas   PDF-p. 136   CMAC_Config   CMAC_MAChs_MACehs_TFRCconfigure (Rel-5 or later)   PDF-p. 141   CMAC_MAChs_MACehs_HARQprocAssign   PDF-p. 144   CMAC_MACehs_HARQAssign_MultiFlows (Rel-7 or later)   PDF-p. 145   CMAC _MACehs_HS_SCCH_Orders (Rel-7 or later)   CMAC_MACe_Config (Rel-6 or later)   PDF-p. 146   CMAC_MACe_NodeB_CellMapping (Rel-6 or later)   PDF-p. 147   CMAC_MACes_Config (Rel-6 or later)   PDF-p. 148      Up   CMAC_MACe_AG (Rel-6 or later)   PDF-p. 149   CMAC_MACe_AckNack (Rel-6 or later)   PDF-p. 150   CMAC_MACe_E_TFC_Restriction (Rel-6 or later)   CMAC_MACe_RG (Rel-6 or later)   PDF-p. 151   Void   CMAC_MACes_SI_IND (Rel-6 or later)   PDF-p. 152   CMAC_MACes_SI_Config (Rel-6 or later)   CMAC_MACi_Config (Rel-8 or later)   CMAC_MACi_NodeB_CellMapping (Rel-8 or later)   PDF-p. 155   CMAC_MACis_Config (Rel-8 or later)   CMAC_MACi_AG (Rel-8 or later)   PDF-p. 157      Up   CMAC_MACi_AckNack (Rel-8 or later)   CMAC_MACi_E_TFC_Restriction (Rel-8 or later)   PDF-p. 158   CMAC_MACi_RG (Rel-8 or later)   Void   CMAC_MACis_SI_IND   PDF-p. 159   CMAC_MACis_SI_Config (Rel-8 or later)   CMAC_MBMS_ConfigInfo (Rel-6 or later)   CMAC_PAGING_Config   PDF-p. 160   CMAC_Restriction   PDF-p. 161   CMAC_SecurityMode_Config   PDF-p. 162   CMAC_SequenceNumber      Up   CMAC_SYSINFO_Config   CRLC_Bind_TestData_TTI   PDF-p. 163   CRLC_BindTestDataInOneMAChs_MACehs_PDU (Rel-5 or later)   PDF-p. 164   CRLC_BindTestDataInMultipleMACehs_PDU_MultiFlows (Rel-7 or later)   CRLC_Ciphering_Activate   PDF-p. 165   CRLC_Config   PDF-p. 166   CRLC_Integrity_Activate   PDF-p. 169   CRLC_Integrity_Failure   PDF-p. 170   CRLC_MAC_I_Mode   CRLC_NotAckNxtRxSDU   PDF-p. 171      Up   CRLC_ProhibitRLC_Ack   CRLC_ReportDataReceivedCellId (Rel-9 or later)   PDF-p. 172   CRLC_Resume   CRLC_RRC_MessageSN   PDF-p. 173   CRLC_SecurityMode_Config   CRLC_SetRRC_MessageSN   PDF-p. 174   CRLC_Set_Count_I   PDF-p. 175   CRLC_SequenceNumber   CRLC_SendContinuousData_TTI   PDF-p. 176   CRLC_Status   PDF-p. 177      Up   CRLC_Suspend   CRLC_MTCH_Scheduling (Rel-6 or later)   PDF-p. 178   CBMC_Config   PDF-p. 179   DEC_PERbitstring   ENC_PERbitstring   PDF-p. 180   RLC_TR_DATA   RLC_AM_DATA   PDF-p. 181   RLC_UM_ACCESSinfo (Rel-6 or later)   PDF-p. 182   RLC_UM_CriticalMCCHMsg (Rel-6 or later)   PDF-p. 183   RLC_TR_SeqOfRlcPdus      Up   RLC_UM_DATA   PDF-p. 184   RLC_UM_MSCH_Msg (Rel-6 or later)   RLC_TR_MACesDATA_IND (Rel-6 or later)   PDF-p. 186   RLC_TR_MACisDATA_IND (Rel-8 or later)   RLC_TR_MACisDATA_ExtTSN_IND (Rel-9 or later)   PDF-p. 187   Specific ASP and IE definitions for 1.28 Mcps TDD (Rel-4 or later)
7.3.3   TTCN primitives   PDF-p. 214
7.3.4   GERAN PCO and ASP definitions   PDF-p. 217
7.3.5   A-GPS Upper tester, PCO and ASP definitions   PDF-p. 243
7.3.6   ROHC test model and ASP   PDF-p. 245
7.3.7   Handling RLP for CS non-transparent data   PDF-p. 251

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