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6.6   SMS test method and architecture   PDF-p. 35
6.7   MAC test method and architecture
6.8   BMC test method and architecture   PDF-p. 39
6.9   PDCP test   PDF-p. 41
6.10   Multi-RAT Handover Test Model      Up
6.11   DCH-DSCH model (R99 or Rel-4)   PDF-p. 54
6.12   DCH with HS-DSCH (MAC-hs) model (FDD, Rel-5 or later)   PDF-p. 55
6.12a   DCH with HS-DSCH model for 1.28 Mcps TDD (Rel-5 or later)   PDF-p. 56
6.12b   DCH with HS-DSCH (MAC-ehs) model (FDD, Rel-7 or later)   PDF-p. 57
6.12c   HS-DSCH (MAC-hs/ehs) model (FDD, Rel-7 or later)(No DCH Associated)   PDF-p. 58      Up
6.12d   HS-DSCH (MAC-ehs) model for DC/4C -HSDPA (FDD, Rel-8 or later)   PDF-p. 59
6.12e   HS-DSCH (MAC-ehs) model for Multiflow Operation (FDD, Rel-11 or later)   PDF-p. 60
6.13   E-DCH model (Rel-6 or later)   PDF-p. 62
6.14   MBMS model (Rel-6 or later)   PDF-p. 66
6.15   IP signalling
6.16   Supplementary Service test method and architecture
6.17   UTRAN-WLAN Inter working Test Model

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