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D (Normative)  Propagation conditionsPDF-p. 1038
E (Normative)  Common RF test conditionsPDF-p. 1047Up
F (Normative)  General test conditions and declarationsPDF-p. 1049
F.1  Acceptable uncertainty of Test System
F.2  Test Tolerances (This clause is informative)
F.3  Interpretation of measurement results
F.4  Derivation of Test Requirements (This clause is informative)
F.5  Acceptable uncertainty of Test Equipment (This clause is informative)PDF-p. 1079
F.6  General rules for statistical testingPDF-p. 1081
F.6.1  Statistical testing of receiver BER/BLER performance
F.6.2  Statistical testing of RRM delay performancePDF-p. 1088
F.6.3  Statistical Testing of HSDPA Receiver PerformancePDF-p. 1094
G (Normative)  Environmental conditionsPDF-p. 1107
H (Normative)  Terminal Baseline and Service Implementation Capabilities (TDD)PDF-p. 1109
I (Normative)  Default Message ContentsPDF-p. 1111
J (Normative)  Cell configuration mappingPDF-p. 1115
K  Change historyPDF-p. 1116Up

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