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10   Performance requirements (MBMS)   PDF-p. 881
10.1   Demodulation of MCCH
10.2   Demodulation of MTCH
10.2A   Demodulation of MTCH-for MBSFN capable UE   PDF-p. 886
10.3   Demodulation of MTCH and cell identification
10.4   Demodulation of MCCH for a MBSFN capable UE   PDF-p. 890      Up
10.5   Demodulation of MTCH for a MBSFN capable UE
10.5A   Demodulation of MTCH for a IMB capable UE
10.6   MBSFN TDD and FDD same platform sharing
11   Performance requirement (E-DCH)   PDF-p. 899
12   Performance requirement under multiple-cell scenario   PDF-p. 908
12.1   General
12.2   Demodulation of DCH in static propagation conditions
12.3   Demodulation of DCH in Multipath fading Case 1 conditions
12.4   Demodulation of DCH in Multipath fading Case 3 conditions

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