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7.5   Solution 5: using NAS layer security   PDF-p. 56
7.6   Solution 6: implicit certificate PKI based PWS solution   PDF-p. 59
7.7   Solution 7: generalized certificate-based approach for PWS   PDF-p. 71
7.8   Solution 8: national PWS solution based on UICC OTA   PDF-p. 78
7.9   Solutions to counter the PWS Security circumvention attack and to mitigate the risk of displaying false unprotected warning messages   PDF-p. 81
7.10   The use of signing proxies   PDF-p. 85
8   Evaluation of different solutions   PDF-p. 88
9   Key issues for establishing service requirements and designing a PWS security system   PDF-p. 100      Up
10   Conclusion   PDF-p. 101
A   Archived solutions   PDF-p. 102
B   Threat discussion depending on the PWS settings in the UE relating to roaming   PDF-p. 112
C   Change history   PDF-p. 116

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