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5.7   Security of Small Data Transmission   Word-p. 71
5.7.1   Issue Details
5.7.2   Threats
5.7.3   Security requirements   Word-p. 74      Up
5.7.4   Solutions   Word-p. 75   Small data transfer in NAS PDU   Small Data Fast Path in User Plane   Word-p. 78   Connectionless Data Transmission solution   MTC-IWF based Secure Solution for Small data transmission   Word-p. 93   Connectionless Data Transmission Solution Using Separate Security Context   Word-p. 100
5.7.6   Evaluation   Word-p. 104
6   General Security Requirement   Word-p. 109
7   Conclusions
A   Key Issues and Solutions deferred from Rel-12   Word-p. 110
B   Change history   Word-p. 119

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