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8   Network Domain Security   Word-p. 118
8.1   Introduction
8.2   How particular threats can be counteracted.   Word-p. 120
8.3   Summary   Word-p. 122      Up
8.4   Network Domain Security Evolution
8.5   IKE version in NDS/IP for EPS   Word-p. 123
8.6   S1/X2 reference point security   Word-p. 124
8.7   S6a Reference Point Security   Word-p. 125
8.8   Authentication Failure Reporting (AFR) functionality for EPS
8.9   EPS interworking with a pre-Rel-8 HSS/HLR   Word-p. 126
9   Security Requirements for LTE eNBs
A   Decision made in RAN2/3-SA3 joint meeting in Jan 2006   Word-p. 136
B   Issues and Threats of emergency calls   Word-p. 137
C   Change History   Word-p. 141

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