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6.3   Authentication and key agreement
6.4   Local authentication and connection establishment
6.5   Access link data integrity   PDF-p. 36
6.6   Access link data confidentiality   PDF-p. 39
6.7   Void
6.8   Interoperation and handover between UMTS and GSM
6.8.1   Authentication and key agreement of UMTS subscribers
6.8.2   Authentication and key agreement for GSM subscribers   PDF-p. 46
6.8.3   Distribution and use of authentication data between VLRs/SGSNs
6.8.4   Intersystem handover for CS Services - from UTRAN to GSM BSS   PDF-p. 49      Up
6.8.5   Intersystem handover for CS Services - from GSM BSS to UTRAN
6.8.6   Intersystem change for PS Services - from UTRAN to GSM BSS
6.8.7   Intersystem change for PS services - from GSM BSS to UTRAN
6.8.8   PS handover from Iu to Gb mode [R6]   PDF-p. 53
6.8.9   PS handover from Gb to Iu mode [R6]   PDF-p. 54
6.8.10   SRVCC - between HSPA and UTRAN/GERAN [R8]
6.8.11   Handling of the START value in intersystem mobility cases [R11]   PDF-p. 58
7   Void

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