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A   Trace use cases   PDF-p. 36      Up
A.1   Use case #1: multi-vendor UE validation
A.2   Use case #2: subscriber complaint
A.3   Use case #3: malfunctioning UE   PDF-p. 38
A.4   Use case #4: checking radio coverage      Up
A.5   Use case #5: testing a new feature   PDF-p. 39
A.6   Use case #6: fine-tuning and optimisation of algorithms/procedures   PDF-p. 40
A.7   Use case #7: Automated testing of Service Provider services [R12]
A.8   Use case #8: Regression testing following a network fix [R12]
A.9   Use case #9: Service fault localization within a Service Provider network [R12]
A.10   Use case #10: Service fault localization when a service is hosted by a third party Service Provider [R12]
A.11   Use case #11 Analysing drop calls in E-UTRAN [R11]   PDF-p. 42
A.12   Use case #12 Periodical sampling of network performance [R11]      Up
A.13   Use case #13 Differentiation of area based MDT data by terminal type [R11]   PDF-p. 43
A.14   Use case #14 Subscriber complaint about MBMS service in the eUTRAN network [R13]
A.15   Use case #15 Check MBMS service quality and performance of the eUTRAN Network [R13]   PDF-p. 44
B   Change history   PDF-p. 45

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