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...   SMS CDR parameters [R12]   Introduction   Event Timestamp   Local Record Sequence Number   Message Class   Message Reference      Up   Message Size   MTC IWF Address   Originator IMSI   PDF-p. 95   Originator Info   Originator MSISDN   Originator Other Address   Originator Received Address   Originator SCCP Address   RAT Type   Recipient IMSI      Up   Recipient Info   Recipient MSISDN   PDF-p. 96   Recipient Other Address   Recipient Received Address   Recipient SCCP Address   Record Type   Record Extensions   Served IMEI   SM Data Coding Scheme   SM Delivery Report Requested      Up   SM Destination Interface   SM Device Trigger Indicator   SM Device Trigger information   SM Discharge Time   PDF-p. 97   SM DT Priority Indication   SM DT Reference Number   SM DT Validity Period   SM Message Type   SM Originator Interface   SM Originator Protocol Id      Up   SM Priority   SM Recipient Protocol Id   SM Reply Path Requested   SMS Application Port ID   PDF-p. 98   SM Sequence Number   SM Serving Node   Void   Void   SM Status   SM Total Number   SM User Data Header   SMS Node Address      Up   SMS Result   Submission Time   UE Time Zone   User Location Info   ProSe CDR parameters [R12]   PDF-p. 99   Introduction   Announcing UE HPLMN Identifier   Announcing UE VPLMN Identifier   Application ID   Cause for Record Closing      Up   Direct Discovery Model   Discoveree UE HPLMN Identifier [R14]   Discoveree UE VPLMN Identifier [R14]   Discoverer UE HPLMN Identifier [R14]   Discoverer UE VPLMN Identifier [R14]   Layer two Group ID   List of Application Specific Data   PDF-p. 100   List of Coverage Info   List of Radio Parameter Sets   List of Reception Data Containers and List of Transmission Data Containers      Up   List of Transmitters   PDF-p. 101   Monitored PLMN Identifier   Monitoring UE PLMN Identifier   Monitoring UE Identifier   Monitoring UE VPLMN Identifier   Node ID   PC Three Control Protocol Cause   PC Three EPC Control Protocol Cause   ProSe Application ID   ProSe Event Type      Up   ProSe Function ID   ProSe Function IP Address   ProSe Function PLMN Identifier   PDF-p. 102   ProSe Group IP multicast address   ProSe Reason for Cancellation   ProSe Request Timestamp   ProSe Target Layer-2 ID [R14]   ProSe UE ID   ProSe UE-to-Network Relay UE ID [R14]   Proximity Alert Indication      Up   Proximity Alert Timestamp   Proximity Cancellation Timestamp   Proximity Request Renewal Info Block List   Range Class   PDF-p. 103   Reason for Cancellation   Record Type [R14]   Relay IP address [R14]   Requested Application Layer User ID   Requested PLMN Identifier   Requestor Application Layer User ID      Up   Requestor EPC ProSe User ID   Requestor PLMN Identifier   Role Of ProSe Function   Role Of UE   PDF-p. 104   Source IP address   Target IP address [R14]   Time of First Reception   Time of First Transmission   Time Window   UE Location      Up   Validity Period   WLAN Link Layer ID   Monitoring Event CDR parameters [R13]

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