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5.1.4   Service level CDR parameters   PDF-p. 82   MMS CDR parameters   Introduction [R12]      Up   3GPP MMS Version   Access Correlation   Acknowledgement Request   Attributes List   Billing Information   Charge Information   Content Type   PDF-p. 83   Delivery Report Requested   Duration of Transmission   Earliest Time of Delivery      Up   Forward Counter   Forwarding Address   Forwarding MMS Relay/Server Address   Limit   Linked ID   Local Record Sequence Number   Managing Address   PDF-p. 84   Message Class   Message Distribution Indicator   Message ID      Up   Message Reference   Message selection   Message Size   MMBox Storage Information   MM component list   PDF-p. 85   MM Date and Time   MM Listing   MM Status Code   MS Time Zone [R11]   MSCF Information      Up   Originator Address   Originator MMS Relay/Server Address   Priority   Quotas   Quotas requested   PDF-p. 86   Read Reply Requested   Read Status   Recipient Address   Recipient MMS Relay/Server Address   Recipients Address List      Up   Record Extensions   Record Time Stamp   Record Type   Reply Charging   Reply Charging ID   Reply Charging Size   PDF-p. 87   Reply Deadline   Report allowed   Request Status code   Routeing Address      Up   Routeing Address List   Sender Address   Sender Visibility   Service code   Start   PDF-p. 88   Status Text   Submission Time   Time of Expiry   Totals   Totals requested      Up   Upload Time   VAS ID   VASP ID   LCS CDR parameters   PoC CDR parameters      Up   MBMS CDR parameters   PDF-p. 92   MMTel CDR parameters [R8]   PDF-p. 93

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