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...  Maximum Bit Rate  Measure Duration  Message reference  MLC Number  Mobile station classmark/change of classmark  MOLR TypePDF-p. 37  MSC AddressUp  MSC Server Indication  Network Call Reference  Notification to MS user  Number of DP encountered  Number of forwarding  Old /new location  Partial Record Type  Positioning Data  Positioning Data  Privacy OverridePDF-p. 38Up  Radio channel requested/radio channel used/change of radio channel  Rate Indication  Reason for Service Change  Record extensions  Record type  Recording EntityPDF-p. 39  Redial attempt  Related ICID [R12]  Roaming number  Routing numberUp  Sequence number  Served IMEI  Served IMSI  Served MSISDN  Service centre address  Service Change Initiator  Service keyPDF-p. 40  Short message service result  Speech version supported/Speech version used  Supplementary service(s)Up  Supplementary service action  Supplementary service action result  Supplementary service parameters  Supplementary service(s)  System type [R9]PDF-p. 41  Transparency indicator [R9]  Update result [R9]

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