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5.1.3   Subsystem level CDR parameters   PDF-p. 69   General [R12]   IMS CDR parameters   Introduction [R12]      Up   Access Correlation ID   Access Network Information   Access Transfer Type [R13]   Additional Access Network Information [R12]   Alternate Charged Party Address   AoC Information [R10]   Application Provided Called Parties [R9]   Application Servers Information   Application Servers Involved   Void   Bearer Service   PDF-p. 70      Up   Called Party Address   Carrier Select Routing   Cause for Record Closing   Cellular Network Information [R13]   Content Disposition   Content Length   Content Type   PDF-p. 71   Event   Expires   From Address [R11]      Up   GGSN Address   GPRS Charging ID   Void   IMS Charging Identifier   IMS Communication Service Identifier   PDF-p. 72   IMS Emergency Indicator [R9]   IMS Visited Network Identifier [R11]   Incomplete CDR Indication   Initial IMS Charging Identifier [R7]   Instance Id [R12]   Inter-UE Transfer [R13]      Up   IP Realm Default Indication [R10]   ISUP Cause [R13]   List of Access Network Info Change [R13]   List of Access Transfer Information [R13]   PDF-p. 73   List of Associated URI   List of Called Asserted Identity   List of Called Identity Changes [R13]   List of Calling Party Address   List of Early SDP Media Components   List of Inter Operator Identifiers   PDF-p. 74      Up   List of Message Bodies   List of NNI Information [R12]   List of SDP Media Components   List of Reason Header [R12]   PDF-p. 75   Local GW Inserted Indication [R12]   Local Record Sequence Number   Media Initiator Flag   Media Initiator Party   MS Time Zone [R12]   MSC Address [R13]      Up   Neighbour Node Address [R11]   NNI Type [R11]   PDF-p. 76   Void   Node Address   Number Portability Routing   Void   Online Charging Flag   Originator   Outgoing Session ID [R8]   Private User ID   Real Time Tariff Information   Record Closure Time      Up   Record Extensions   PDF-p. 77   Record Opening Time   Record Sequence Number [R9]   Record Type   Related IMS Charging Identifier [R11]   Related IMS Charging Identifier Generation Node [R11]   Relationship Mode [R11]   Requested Party Address   Retransmission   Role of Node      Up   Route header received [R11]   Route header transmitted [R11]   PDF-p. 78   SDP Answer Timestamp   SDP Media Components   SDP Media Description:   SDP Media Name   SDP Offer Timestamp   SDP Session Description   PDF-p. 79   SDP Type [R7]   Served Party IP Address [R8]      Up   Service Delivery End Time Stamp [R9]   Service Delivery End Time Stamp Fraction [R9]   Service Delivery Start Time Stamp [R9]   Service Delivery Start Time Stamp Fraction [R9]   Service ID [R9]   Service Reason Return Code [R9]   Service Request Timestamp [R9]   PDF-p. 80   Service Request Timestamp Fraction [R9]   Session Direction [R11]   Session ID [R9]      Up   Session Priority [R9]   SIP Method [R9]   SIP Request Timestamp [R9]   SIP Request Timestamp Fraction [R9]   SIP Response Timestamp [R9]   SIP Response Timestamp Fraction [R9]   S-CSCF Information [R9]   Status [R11]   PDF-p. 81   TAD Identifier [R11]   Tariff Information [R9]      Up   Tariff XML [R9]   Transcoder Inserted Indication [R10]   Transit IOI List [R11]   Trunk Group ID Incoming/Outgoing [R9]   User Location Information [R11]   VLR Number [R13]

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