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5.1.2  Bearer level CDR parametersUp  General [R12]  CS domain CDR parameters  Introduction [R12]  Additional Charging Information  AoC parameters/change of AoC parameters  Basic Service/change of service/ISDN Basic ServicePDF-p. 26  Call duration  Call referencePDF-p. 28  Calling/called/connected/translated number  Calling Party NumberUp  CAMEL call leg information  CAMEL informationPDF-p. 29  CAMEL initiated CF indicator  CAMEL modified Service Centre  CAMEL SMS Information  Cause for terminationPDF-p. 30  Channel Coding Accepted/Channel Coding Used  Data volume  Default call/SMS handling  Destination Subscriber NumberUp  Diagnostics  EMS-DigitsPDF-p. 31  EMS-Key  Entity number  Equipment id  Equipment type  Event time stamps  Fixed Network User RatePDF-p. 32  Free format data  Free format data append indicatorUp  GsmSCF address  Guaranteed Bit Rate  HSCSD parameters/Change of HSCSD parametersPDF-p. 33  Incoming/outgoing trunk group  Interrogation result  IMEI Check Event  IMEI Status  JIP ParameterPDF-p. 34  JIP Query Status Indicator  JIP Source IndicatorUp  LCS Cause  LCS Client Identity  LCS Client Type  LCS Priority  LCS QoS  Level of CAMEL servicePDF-p. 35  Location/change of location  Location Estimate  Location Extension  Location Routing Number (LRN)Up  Location Type  LRN Query Status Indicator  LRN Source IndicatorPDF-p. 36

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