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...   PS domain CDR parameters   Introduction [R12]   Void   3GPP2 User Location Information [R8]      Up   Access Availability Change Reason [R13]   Access Line Identifier [R12]   Access Point Name (APN) Network/Operator Identifier   PDF-p. 42   APN Rate Control [R13]   APN Selection Mode   CAMEL Charging Information   CAMEL Information   Cause for Record Closing   PDF-p. 43   Cell Identifier   PDF-p. 44   Charging Characteristics      Up   Charging Characteristics selection mode   PDF-p. 45   Charging ID   CN Operator Selection Entity [R12]   PDF-p. 46   CP CIoT EPS Optimisation Indicator [R13]   Charging per IP-CAN Session Indicator [R14]   Destination Number   Diagnostics   Duration   Dynamic Address Flag   Dynamic Address Flag Extension [R12]      Up   Enhanced Diagnostics [R13]   PDF-p. 47   EPC QoS Information [R12]   ePDG Address Used [R12]   ePDG IPv6 Address [R12]   Event Time Stamps   Void   Fixed User Location Information [R12]   GGSN Address Used   Void   IMS Signalling Context   IMSI Unauthenticated Flag   IP-CAN session Type [R12]   PDF-p. 48      Up   IP-Edge Address IPv6 [R12]   IP-Edge Address Used [R12]   IP-Edge Operator Identifier [R12]   Last MS Time Zone [R12]   Last User Location Information [R12]   LCS Cause   LCS Client Identity   LCS Client Type   LCS Priority   LCS QoS      Up   List of Service Data   PDF-p. 49   List of Traffic Data Volumes   PDF-p. 52   Local Record Sequence Number   PDF-p. 55   Location Estimate   Location Method   Location Type   Low Priority Indicator [R10]   NBIFOM Mode [R13]   NBIFOM Support [R13]   Measurement Duration      Up   Message reference   MLC Number   MME Name [R11]   MME Realm [R11]   PDF-p. 56   MS Network Capability   MS Time Zone   Network Initiated PDP Context   Node ID   Notification to MS user   Originating Address [R12]      Up   P-GW Address IPv6 [R12]   P-GW Address Used   P-GW PLMN Identifier   PDN Connection Charging ID   PDP Type   PDF-p. 57   PDP/PDN Type   PDP/PDN Type Extension [R13]   Positioning Data   Presence Reporting Area Information [R12]   Privacy Override      Up   PS Furnish Charging Information   QoS Requested/QoS Negotiated   PDF-p. 58   RAT Type   Record Extensions   Record Opening Time   Record Sequence Number   Record Type   Recording Entity Number   Retransmission [R12]   RNC Unsent Downlink Volume   PDF-p. 59      Up   Routing Area Code/Location/Cell Identifier/Change of location   S-GW Address IPv6 [R12]   S-GW Address Used   S-GW Change   Served 3GPP2 MEID   Served Fixed Subscriber Id [R12]   Served IMEI   SCS/AS Address [R14]   Void   Served IMSI [R9]   PDF-p. 60   Served IP-CAN session Address [R12]      Up   Served IP-CAN session Address Extension [R12]   Served MN NAI [R9]   Served MSISDN [R9]   Served PDP Address [R9]   Served PDP/PDN Address [R9]   Served PDP/PDN Address Extension [R9]   Served PDP/PDN Address prefix length [R10]   Service Centre Address [R9]   PDF-p. 61   Serving Node Address [R9]   Serving Node IPv6 Address [R9]      Up   Serving Node PLMN Identifier [R9]   Serving Node Type [R9]   Serving PLMN Rate Control [R13]   SGi PtP Tunnelling Method [R13]   SGSN Address [R9]   Void   SGSN Change [R9]   PDF-p. 62   Short Message Service (SMS) Result [R9]   Start Time [R9]   Stop Time [R9]   TDF Address Used [R12]      Up   TDF IPv6 Address Used [R12]   TDF PLMN Identifier [R12]   TWAG Address Used [R13]   TWAG IPv6 Address [R13]   TWAN User Location Information [R11]   UNI PDU CP Only Flag [R13]   User CSG Information [R9]   PDF-p. 63   User Location Information [R9]   User Location Information Time [R11]   Void   UWAN User Location Information [R13]      Up   Void   CP data transfer domain CDR parameters [R13]

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