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11   Commands
12   Transmission oriented commands
13   Application independent files
14   Application independent protocol      Up
15   Support of APDU-based UICC applications over USB
A  (Normative)   UCS2 coding of Alpha fields for files residing on the UICC   PDF-p. 22
B   Main states of a UICC   PDF-p. 23
C   APDU protocol transmission examples   PDF-p. 24
D   ATR examples   PDF-p. 25
E   Security attributes mechanisms and examples   PDF-p. 26
F   Example of contents of EFARR '2F06'   PDF-p. 27
G   Access Rules Referencing (ARR)      Up
H  (Normative)   List of SFI Values   PDF-p. 28
I   Resets and modes of operation   PDF-p. 29
J   Example of the use of PINs   PDF-p. 30
K   Examples of the PIN state transition on multi verification capable UICC   PDF-p. 31
L   Examples of SET DATA and RETRIEVE DATA usage   PDF-p. 32
M   Examples of ODD AUTHENTICATE instruction code usage   PDF-p. 33
N   PCB layout for the MFF   PDF-p. 34
O   Change history   PDF-p. 35

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