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TR 30.03u (RAN)
Selection procedures for the choice of
radio transmission technologies of the UMTS

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V3.2.0 (PDF)    1998/03    84 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Blanc, Patrick
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This ETSI Technical Report (TR) establishes the technical procedure for the comparative evaluation of candidate technologies for the UTRA. The UTRA includes the handling of the representative bearers as defined in UMTS 21.01, i.e. Open System Interconnection (OSI) layers 1-3. It establishes the criteria based upon the requirements contained in UMTS 21.01.

The primary purpose of this [report] is to facilitate the comparison of different candidates between milestones M1 and M2 of the UTRA definition procedure (Refinement and synthesis phase). It will also be used after milestone M2 (Definition phase) and in the submission of the candidate to ITU. The scope of this report is not to make the actual choice but to define how the technical evaluation will be performed.


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1   Scope   PDF-p. 7
2   References
3   Abbreviations and definitions
4   Structure of the Recommendation
5   Radio Transmission Technology considerations
6   Technical characteristics chosen for evaluation
7   Selected test environments for evaluation   PDF-p. 14
8   Evaluation methodology
A   Technologies description template   PDF-p. 16
B   Test environments and deployment models   PDF-p. 31
B.1   Test Environments
B.1.1   Mapping of high level requirements onto Test environments
B.1.2   Services description   PDF-p. 32
B.1.3   Test Environment Descriptions   PDF-p. 38
B.1.4   Propagation Models
B.1.5   Antenna patterns for sectorisation   PDF-p. 43
B.1.6   Link Budget Template and Deployment Models   PDF-p. 44
B.1.7   Guard band evaluation
B.1.8   Propagation Models
C   Detailed Evaluation Procedures   PDF-p. 67
D   Guidance on Simulations   PDF-p. 81
E   Document change history   PDF-p. 83

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