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6.24   MAP-CancelLocation Mapping to Diameter-CLR
6.25   Diameter-CLA Mapping to MAP-CancelLocation Ack
6.26   MAP-CancelLocation Ack Mapping to Diameter-CLA
6.27   Diameter-RSR Mapping to MAP-Reset
6.28   MAP-Reset Mapping to a Diameter-RSR   Word-p. 90
6.29   Diameter-NOR Mapping to MAP-UpdateGprsLocation      Up
6.30   MAP-UpdateGprsLocation Mapping to Diameter-NOR   Word-p. 95
6.31   Diameter-NOA Mapping to MAP-UpdateGprsLocation Ack
6.32   MAP-UpdateGprsLocation Ack Mapping to Diameter-NOA
6.33   Diameter-ECR Mapping to MAP-CheckImei (Pre Rel8)
6.34   MAP- CheckImei Ack (Pre Rel8) Mapping to a Diameter-ECA
7   Conclusions
A   Change history   Word-p. 100

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