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6.13   Diameter-DSA Mapping to MAP-DeleteSubscriberData Ack
6.14   MAP-DeleteSubscriberData Ack Mapping to Diameter-DSA   Word-p. 74
6.15   Diameter-PUR Mapping to MAP-PurgeMS
6.16   MAP-PurgeMS Mapping to Diameter-PUR
6.17   Diameter-PUA Mapping to MAP-PurgeMS Ack
6.18   MAP-PurgeMS Ack Mapping to Diameter-PUA
6.19   Diameter-AIR Mapping to MAP-SendAuthenticationInfo      Up
6.20   MAP-SendAuthenticationInfo Mapping to Diameter-AIR   Word-p. 82
6.21   Diameter-AIA Mapping to MAP-SendAuthenticationInfo Ack
6.22   MAP-SendAuthenticationInfo Ack Mapping to Diameter-AIA
6.23   Diameter-CLR Mapping to MAP-CancelLocation

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