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6   The Mapping of the Parameters
6.1   General      Up
6.2   Diameter-ULR Mapping to MAP-UpdateGprsLocation   Word-p. 41
6.3   MAP-UpdateGprsLocation Mapping to Diameter-ULR   Word-p. 45
6.4   Diameter-ULA Mapping to MAP-InsertSubscriberData
6.5   Diameter-ULA Mapping to MAP-UpdateGprsLocation Ack
6.6   MAP-InsertSubscriberData and MAP-UpdateGprsLocation Ack Mapping to Diameter-ULA
6.7   Diameter-IDR Mapping to MAP-InsertSubscriberData
6.8   MAP-InsertSubscriberData Mapping to Diameter-IDR
6.9   Diameter-IDA Mapping to MAP-InsertSubscriberData Ack      Up
6.10   MAP-InsertSubscriberData Ack Mapping to Diameter-IDA
6.11   Diameter-DSR Mapping to MAP-DeleteSubscriberData
6.12   MAP-DeleteSubscriberData Mapping to Diameter-DSR   Word-p. 69

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