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5.14  PackagesPDF-p. 27
5.14.1  Mandatory Packages
5.14.2  Optional PackagesPDF-p. 28
5.14.3  Package Usage InformationPDF-p. 31  Generic Package  Base Root PackagePDF-p. 32  Overload Control PackagePDF-p. 33Up  Network Package  RTP PackagePDF-p. 34  DTMF Detection PackagePDF-p. 35  Call Progress Tones Generator Package  Basic Services Tones Generator PackagePDF-p. 36  Expanded Call Progress Tones Generator PackagePDF-p. 37  Basic Announcement Syntax Package  Voice Variable Syntax PackagePDF-p. 38  Announcement Set Syntax Package  General Text Variable Type PackagePDF-p. 39Up  Advanced Audio Server Base Package  Basic Call Progress Tones Generator with DirectionalityPDF-p. 40  AAS Recording PackagePDF-p. 41  Multimedia Play PackagePDF-p. 42  Generic Announcement Package  Intrusion Tones Generator PackagePDF-p. 43  Business Tones Generation PackagePDF-p. 44  Conferencing Tones Generation Package  Inactivity Timer PackagePDF-p. 45  MGC Information PackageUp  Advanced audio server base package for TTS enhancementPDF-p. 46  ASR PackagePDF-p. 47  Multimedia Recording PackagePDF-p. 48  Tone Generator Package  Hanging Termination Detection PackagePDF-p. 49  MSRP Statistics Package [R8]  Play Message Package [R8]PDF-p. 50  Message Filtering Package [R8]PDF-p. 51  Record Message Package [R8]PDF-p. 52  Floor Control Package [R8]PDF-p. 53Up  Floor Control Policy Package [R8]  Floor Status Change Handling Package [R8]PDF-p. 54  Floor Control Signalling Package [R8]  Explicit Congestion Notification for RTP-over-UDP Support (ecnrous) [R10]PDF-p. 56  Differentiated Services (ds) [R11]PDF-p. 58  MG Act-as STUN Server (mgastuns) [R12]  Originate STUN Continuity Check (ostuncc) [R12]PDF-p. 59  TCP basic connection control (tcpbcc) [R12]PDF-p. 60  TLS basic session control (tlsbsc) [R12]PDF-p. 61  Remote Pause and Resume (rempr) [R14]PDF-p. 63Up  Multi-stream Multiparty Conferencing Media Handling (mmcmh) [R14]PDF-p. 65
5.15  Mandatory Support of SDP and Annex C Information Elements
5.16  Optional support of SDP and Annex C information elementsPDF-p. 70

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