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A   IWFs for the support of SMS capable MMEs or SGSNs [R11]   PDF-p. 70
A.1   General
A.2   IWF related to the SGd/Gdd interfaces between MME/SGSN and central SMS functions
A.2.1   Introduction
A.2.2   General considerations
A.2.3   Interworking scenarios      Up
A.2.4   The mapping of procedures
A.2.5   The mapping of parameters   PDF-p. 76
A.3   IWF related to the S6c interface between HSS and central SMS functions
A.4   IWF related to the S6a/S6a+D interface between MME and HSS   PDF-p. 90      Up
A.4.1   Introduction
A.4.2   Interworking scenario [R14]
A.4.3   General considerations
A.4.4   The mapping of procedures   PDF-p. 91
A.4.5   The mapping of parameters   PDF-p. 99      Up
B   Change history   PDF-p. 104

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