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9   Trusted Non-3GPP Access over S2a Description [R8]
9.0   General [R11]
9.1   Initial Attach procedures
9.2   Trusted Non-3GPP Access Initiated PDN Connection Lifetime Extension procedures   PDF-p. 76
9.3   UE / Trusted Non-3GPP Access Initiated Detach and UE Requested PDN Disconnection procedures
9.4   HSS / AAA Initiated Detach procedures      Up
9.5   UE Initiated Connectivity to Additional PDN procedures   PDF-p. 77
9.6   3GPP Access to Trusted Non-3GPP IP Access with PMIPv6 on S2a Handover procedures without optimization
9.7   PDN GW Initiated Resource Allocation Deactivation procedures
9.8   IPv4 Address Allocation using DHCP   PDF-p. 78
9.9   PDN-GW Initiated IPv4 Address Delete Procedure      Up
9.10   Optimized E-UTRAN to CDMA2000 eHRPD Handover procedure
9.11   Optimized Idle Mode Mobility: E-UTRAN Access to cdma2000 eHRPD Access procedure   PDF-p. 79

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