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15   UMTS packages [R4]   PDF-p. 75
15.1   Mandatory UMTS packages
15.2   Optional UMTS packages   PDF-p. 79
15.2.1   Circuit Switched Data package   PDF-p. 80
15.2.2   TFO package   PDF-p. 83      Up
15.2.3   3G Expanded Call Progress Tones Generator Package
15.2.4   Modification Of Link Characteristics Bearer Capability
15.2.5   Enhanced Circuit Switched Data package
15.2.6   Cellular Text telephone Modem Text Transport [R5]
15.2.7   IP transport package [R5]      Up
15.2.8   Flexible Tone Generator Package [R5]
15.2.9   Trace Package [R6]
15.2.10   ASCI Group call package [R7]
15.2.11   3G Interface Type package [R8]
A   Framing protocol Interworking Function (FPIF) [R4]   PDF-p. 98
B   Examples for Usage of the 3GUP Package "Initialization Direction" Property [R4]   PDF-p. 101

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