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4a   Gxx reference points [R8]   PDF-p. 73
4a.1   Overview
4a.2   Gxx Reference model
4a.3   Quality of Service Control Rules   PDF-p. 74
4a.4   Functional elements      Up
4a.5   PCC procedures over Gxx reference points
4a.5.1   Gateway control and QoS Rules Request
4a.5.2   Gateway control and QoS Rules Provision   PDF-p. 78
4a.5.3   Gateway Control Session Termination
4a.5.4   Request of Gateway Control Session Termination   PDF-p. 80
4a.5.5   QoS Control Rule error handling      Up
4a.5.6   Gateway Control session to Gx session linking
4a.5.7   Multiple BBF support   PDF-p. 81
4a.5.8   Provisioning of Event Triggers
4a.5.9   Bearer Control Mode Selection   PDF-p. 84
4a.5.10   Provisioning and Policy Enforcement of Authorized QoS
4a.5.11   Trace activation/deactivation   PDF-p. 86
4a.5.12   IMS Emergency Session Support
4a.5.13   Time of the day procedures [R9]
4a.5.14   Multimedia Priority Support [R10]   PDF-p. 88
4a.5.15   PCRF Failure and Restoration [R10]
4a.5.16   Reporting Access Network Information [R11]
4a.5.17   Resource reservation for services sharing priority [R13]   PDF-p. 90
4a.5.18   Support for QoS rule versioning [R14]   PDF-p. 92
4b   Sd reference point [R11]
4b.1   Overview
4b.2   Sd Reference model   PDF-p. 93
4b.3   Application Detection and Control Rules
4b.4   Functional elements   PDF-p. 96
4b.5   ADC procedures over Sd reference point for solicited application reporting   PDF-p. 97
4b.5.1   Provisioning of ADC rules
4b.5.2   Request for ADC rules
4b.5.3   Provisioning of Event Triggers
4b.5.4   Request of TDF Session Termination
4b.5.5   ADC Rule Error Handling   PDF-p. 101
4b.5.6   Requesting Usage Monitoring Control
4b.5.7   Reporting Accumulated Usage   PDF-p. 103
4b.5.8   Provisioning of Event Report Indication
4b.5.9   Application Detection Information   PDF-p. 106
4b.5.10   Time of the day procedures
4b.5.11   PCRF Failure and Restoration   PDF-p. 107
4b.5.12   Bandwidth limitation function [R12]      Up
4b.5.13   Provisioning of charging related information for the TDF session [R12]
4b.5.14   Downlink packet marking by the TDF [R13]
4b.5.15   Traffic steering control support [R13]   PDF-p. 109
4b.5.16   Sponsored Data Connectivity [R14]
4b.5a   ADC procedures over Sd reference point for unsolicited application reporting   PDF-p. 110
4c   St reference point [R13]

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