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10   Service Properties
11   Data Definitions
11.1   Common Mobility Data Definitions
11.2   User Location Data Definitions   PDF-p. 68
11.3   User Location Camel Data Definitions   PDF-p. 71
11.4   User Location Emergency Data Definitions
11.5   User Status Data Definitions
11.6   User Binding Data Definitions   PDF-p. 77
11.7   Units and Validations of Parameters
12   Exception Classes   PDF-p. 79
A  (Normative)   OMG IDL Description of Mobility SCF   PDF-p. 80
B   W3C WSDL Description of Mobility SCF   PDF-p. 81
C   Java API Description of the Mobility SCFs   PDF-p. 82
D   Description of Mobility SCF for 3GPP2 cdma2000 networks   PDF-p. 83
E   Change history   PDF-p. 85

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