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...  Outgoing Call Interworking from ISUP to SIP at O-MGCF  Sending of INVITE  Sending of INVITE without determining the end of address signalling [R7]  Coding of the INVITEPDF-p. 75  Coding of the INVITE when Number Portability is supported [R8]PDF-p. 88  Coding of the INVITE for Carrier Routeing [R8]  Coding of INVITE with instance-id in form of IMEI URN [R9]  Receipt of CONTINUITY  Sending of ACM and awaiting answer indicationPDF-p. 92  Coding of the ACMPDF-p. 94  Sending of the Call Progress message (CPG)Up  Coding of the CPG  Receipt of 200 OK(INVITE)Up  Internal through connection of the bearer path [R7]PDF-p. 101  Sending of the Answer Message (ANM)  Coding of the ANM  Sending of the Connect message (CON)PDF-p. 103  Coding of the CON  Receipt of a reINVITE request [R8]  Receipt of Status Codes 4xx, 5xx or 6xx  Receipt of a BYE  Receipt of the Release Message  Receipt of RSC, GRS or CGB (H/W oriented)  Autonomous Release at O-MGCFPDF-p. 107  Special handling of 580 precondition failure received in response to either an INVITE or UPDATEUp  Sending of CANCELPDF-p. 108  Receipt of SIP redirect (3xx) response  Sending of INFO for overlap signalling using the in-dialog method [R8]  TimersPDF-p. 109

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