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5   Procedures for SGs [R8]   PDF-p. 15
5.1   Paging for non-EPS services procedure
5.2   Location update for non-EPS services procedure
5.3   Non-EPS alert procedure   PDF-p. 29
5.4   Explicit IMSI detach from EPS services   PDF-p. 31
5.5   Explicit IMSI detach from non-EPS services
5.6   Implicit IMSI detach from non-EPS services
5.7   VLR failure procedure
5.8   MME failure procedure
5.9   HSS failure
5.10   MM information procedure   PDF-p. 37
5.11   Procedure for tunnelling of NAS messages   PDF-p. 38
5.12   Service request procedure   PDF-p. 40
5.13   Service abort procedure   PDF-p. 41
5.14   Implicit IMSI detach from EPS services [R10]
5.15   UE fallback supervision procedure [R12]
5.16   Procedure for MO CSFB indication [R11]   PDF-p. 43
6   SGs transport [R8]      Up
7   Error handling [R8]   PDF-p. 44

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