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16   Usage of RADIUS on Gi/Sgi interface [R3]
16.1   RADIUS Authentication and Authorization
16.2   RADIUS Accounting   PDF-p. 64      Up
16.3   Authentication and accounting message flows on Gi interface   PDF-p. 65
16.3a   Authentication and accounting message flows on Sgi interface [R8]   PDF-p. 70
16.4   List of RADIUS attributes   PDF-p. 74      Up
16a   Usage of Diameter on Gi/Sgi interface [R7]   PDF-p. 103
17   Usage of Diameter on Gmb interface [R6]
17.1   MBMS user authorisation   PDF-p. 123
17.2   MBMS service registration / de-registration
17.3   MBMS session start / update/ stop
17.4   MBMS user deactivation      Up
17.5   Message flows   PDF-p. 124
17.6   Gmb Messages
17.7   Gmb specific AVPs   PDF-p. 138
17.7a   Gmb re-used AVPs [R9]      Up
17.8   Gmb specific Experimental-Result-Code AVP values   PDF-p. 145

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