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24 GPRS process description    24.1 Procedure for retrieval of routeing information for GPRS    24.2 Procedure for reporting failure to establish a network requested PDP context    24.3 Procedure for reporting that an MS has become reachable for GPRS    24A CSE interrogation and control of subscriber data    24A.1 General    24A.2 Any Time Subscription Interrogation procedure    24A.3 Any Time Modification procedure    24A.4 Subscriber Data Modification Notification procedure    24A.5 Any Time Interrogation procedure    24B Location Services process description    24B.1 Routeing information retrieval procedure for LCS    24B.2 Provide Subscriber Location procedure    24B.3 Subscriber Location Report procedure    25 General macro description    25.1 MAP_OPEN handling macros    25.2 Macros to check the content of indication and confirmation primitives    25.3 The page and search macros    25.4 Macros for handling an Access Request    25.5 Authentication macros and processes    25.6 IMEI Handling Macros    25.7 Insert Subscriber Data macros and processes    25.8 Request IMSI Macros    25.9 Tracing macros    25.10 Short Message Alert procedures    A ASN.1 Cross-reference listing and fully expanded sources    B Void    C Message Segmentation Mechanisms    C.1 SCCP segmentation    C.2 TCAP segmentation    C.3 MAP Segmentation    D Void    E Change History   


24   GPRS process description [R3]   PDF-p. 1039
24A   CSE interrogation and control of subscriber data [R3]   PDF-p. 1049
24B   Location Services process description [R4]   PDF-p. 1069
25   General macro description [R3]   PDF-p. 1080
25.1   MAP_OPEN handling macros
25.2   Macros to check the content of indication and confirmation primitives   PDF-p. 1085
25.3   The page and search macros   PDF-p. 1088
25.4   Macros for handling an Access Request   PDF-p. 1091
25.5   Authentication macros and processes   PDF-p. 1101
25.6   IMEI Handling Macros   PDF-p. 1118
25.7   Insert Subscriber Data macros and processes   PDF-p. 1127
25.8   Request IMSI Macros   PDF-p. 1142
25.9   Tracing macros   PDF-p. 1145
25.10   Short Message Alert procedures   PDF-p. 1153
A   ASN.1 Cross-reference listing and fully expanded sources [R3]   PDF-p. 1158
B   Void
C   Message Segmentation Mechanisms [R6]   PDF-p. 1160      Up
D   Void
E   Change History   PDF-p. 1166      Up

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