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17   Abstract syntax of the MAP protocol [R3]   PDF-p. 311
17.1   General
17.2   Operation packages   PDF-p. 316
17.2.1   General aspects
17.2.2   Packages specifications   PDF-p. 317   Location updating   Location cancellation   PDF-p. 318   Roaming number enquiry      Up   Information retrieval   Inter-VLR information retrieval   PDF-p. 319   IMSI retrieval   Call control transfer   Void   Void   Interrogation   PDF-p. 320   Void   Handover Control   Subscriber Data management stand alone   PDF-p. 321   Equipment management   Subscriber data management   PDF-p. 322   Location register restart      Up   Tracing stand-alone   Functional SS handling   Tracing   PDF-p. 323   Binding   Unstructured SS handling   MO Short message relay services   PDF-p. 324   Short message gateway services   MT Short message relay services   PDF-p. 325   Void   Message waiting data management   Alerting   PDF-p. 326      Up   Data restoration   Purging   PDF-p. 327   Subscriber information enquiry   Any time information enquiry   Group Call Control   Group Call Info Retrieval [R7]   PDF-p. 328   Void   Void   Gprs location updating   Gprs Interrogation   Failure reporting   PDF-p. 329   GPRS notifying      Up   Supplementary Service invocation notification   Set Reporting State   PDF-p. 330   Status Report   Remote User Free   Call Completion   Location service gateway services   PDF-p. 331   Location service enquiry   Location service reporting   Void   Void   Void   IST Alerting   PDF-p. 332   Service Termination      Up   Mobility Management event notification   Subscriber Data modification notification   PDF-p. 333   Authentication Failure Report   Resource Management [R6]   MT Short message relay VGCS services [R7]   Vcsg location updating [R11]   PDF-p. 334   Vcsg location cancellation [R11]
17.3   Application contexts
17.3.1   General aspects
17.3.2   Application context definitions   PDF-p. 335      Up   Void   Location Updating   Location Cancellation   PDF-p. 336   Roaming number enquiry   Void   Location Information Retrieval   PDF-p. 337   Call control transfer   Void   Void   Void   Location registers restart   PDF-p. 338   Handover control   IMSI Retrieval   PDF-p. 339   Equipment Management   Information retrieval      Up   Inter-VLR information retrieval   PDF-p. 340   Stand Alone Subscriber Data Management   PDF-p. 341   Tracing   Network functional SS handling   Network unstructured SS handling   PDF-p. 342   Short Message Gateway   Mobile originating Short Message Relay   PDF-p. 343   Void   Short message alert   Short message waiting data management   PDF-p. 344   Mobile terminating Short Message Relay      Up   MS purging   Subscriber information enquiry   PDF-p. 345   Any time information enquiry   Group Call Control   Group Call Info Retrieval [R7]   PDF-p. 346   Void   Gprs Location Updating   Gprs Location Information Retreival   Failure Reporting   PDF-p. 347   GPRS Notifying   Supplementary Service invocation notification      Up   Reporting   PDF-p. 348   Call Completion   Location Service Gateway   Location Service Enquiry   PDF-p. 349   Void   Void   Void   IST Alerting   Service Termination   Mobility Management event notification   PDF-p. 350   Subscriber Data modification notification   Authentication Failure Report   Resource Management [R6]   PDF-p. 351      Up   Mobile terminating Short Message Relay VGCS [R7]   Vcsg Location Updating [R11]   Vcsg Location Cancellation [R11]   PDF-p. 352
17.3.3   ASN.1 Module for application-context-names
17.4   MAP Dialogue Information   PDF-p. 357
17.5   MAP operation and error codes   PDF-p. 361
17.6   MAP operations and errors   PDF-p. 366
17.7   MAP constants and data types   PDF-p. 423

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