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7.6.8  Short message parameters
7.6.9  Access and signalling system related parameters
7.6.10  System operations parametersPDF-p. 108
7.6.11  Location Service Parameters  Age of Location EstimateUp  Deferred MT-LR Response Indicator [R4]  Deferred MT-LR Data [R4]  LCS Client IDPDF-p. 110  LCS Event  LCS Priority  LCS QoS  CS LCS Not Supported by UE [R5]  PS LCS Not Supported by UE [R5]  Location Estimate  GERAN Positioning Data [R5]PDF-p. 111Up  UTRAN Positioning Data [R5]  GERAN GANSS Positioning Data [R7]  UTRAN GANSS Positioning Data [R7]  UTRAN Additional Positioning Data [R13]  UTRAN Barometric Pressure Measurement [R13]  UTRAN Civic Address [R13]  Location Type  NA-ESRD  NA-ESRKPDF-p. 112  LCS Service Type Id [R5]Up  Privacy Override  Supported LCS Capability Sets [R4]  LCS Codeword [R5]  NA-ESRK Request  Supported GAD Shapes  Additional Location Estimate  Cell Id Or SAI [R6]  LCS-Reference Number [R5]PDF-p. 113  LCS Privacy Check [R6]  Additional LCS Capability Sets [R6]Up  Area Event Info [R6]  Velocity Estimate [R6]  Accuracy Fulfilment Indicator [R7]  MO-LR Short Circuit Indicator [R7]  Reporting PLMN List [R7]  Periodic LDR information [R7]PDF-p. 114  Sequence Number [R7]
7.7  Representation of a list of a basic parameter in service-primitives

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