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6   Potential Requirements
7   Potential Solutions   Word-p. 48
7.1   Network slicing management functions
7.2   Multiple operator coordination management   Word-p. 50      Up
7.3   Customer service support with network slice   Word-p. 54
7.4   Network Slice (Subnet) Instance(s) fault management   Word-p. 56
7.5   Network slicing related performance measurement data aggregation
7.6   Network slicing related alarm data aggregation
7.7   Supervising alarm related to a NSI
7.8   Network Slice Instance performance management   Word-p. 59      Up
7.9   Network Slice (Subnet) Instance(s) lifecycle management
7.10   Configuring a Network Slice Instance
7.11   Association of TN parameters to Network Slice Instance
7.12   Management data exposure and isolation when NSI is shared by multiple customers   Word-p. 63
7.13   Limited level of management exposure for NSI
7.14   NSI related management data exposure to customer   Word-p. 64
7.15   Controlling of automated healing of Network Slice Instance   Word-p. 65
7.16   Controlling of automated optimization of Network Slice Instance
7.17   State management   Word-p. 66      Up

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