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draft-TR 28.801 (SA5)
Study on management and orchestration of network slicing for next generation network

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(W-zip) V1.2.0    2017/06    79 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Groenendijk, Jan
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The study investigates and makes recommendations on management and orchestration for network slicing on the Network Slice Instance Layer and for non virtualised NE's also the Resource layer:
  1. Use cases and requirements for management and orchestration of network slicing
  2. Management and orchestration terminology and concepts for slices. The relationship between network slice management and orchestration concepts developed in this study and the management and orchestration concepts defined by ETSI NFV.
  3. Management of network function sharing in the context of network slicing (e.g. network function sharing support, and lifecycle management functions of the mobile network resources for network slices).
  4. Impacts to management when a slice instance is shared between multiple parties (e.g. multiple partners and multiple domains etc.) based on the slice sharing, see TR 23.799.
  5. Isolation of management data between different parties within a slice instance if needed.
  6. Impacts derived from Management of 3GPP Network Slices on the ETSI MANO architecture and procedures will be coordinated with ETSI.
  7. Automation of management and orchestration of network slice instances and the related policy configurations.
  8. Management and orchestration mechanisms to support the isolation/separation of mobile network resources used by different network slice instances and the corresponding configuration of isolation/separation.
  9. Solution for management and orchestration of network slicing and how it affects the specifications (e.g. Interface IRPs, Network Resource models and trace specifications).
Furthermore, the 3GPP role for Service Instance Layer has been investigated.

The Resource layer for VNFs is excluded from this study.


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