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draft-TS 28.530 (SA5)
Management of network slicing in mobile networks –
Concepts, use cases and requirements

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V0.4.0 (Wzip)    2018/01    27 p.

Rapporteur:  Miss Zou, Lan
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Network slicing is a key feature for 5G. Network slicing is a paradigm where logical networks/partitions are created, with appropriate isolation, resources and optimized topology to serve a purpose or service category (e.g. use case/traffic category, or for MNO internal reasons) or customers (logical system created "on demand").

This document specifies the concepts, use cases and requirements for management of network slicing in mobile networks. The 3GPP management system directly manages only the parts of the network that consist of network functions specified in 3GPP (e.g. 5G RAN, 5G CN and IMS). For the network functions specified by other SDOs, the management impact of network slicing is addressed as required. For example, regarding the Transport Network (TN) part supporting connectivity within and between CN and RAN parts, 3GPP management system may provide link requirements (e.g. topology, QOS parameters) to the TN management system.


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