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A  (Normative)   In-band Signalling Protocol: Generic Structure   PDF-p. 100
B   In Path Equipment: Generic Rules and Guidelines   PDF-p. 109
C  (Normative)   Tandem Free Operation in GSM, including AMR-WB   PDF-p. 118
C.1   Scope
C.2   Overview
C.3   TFO_TRAU   PDF-p. 122
C.4   TFO_BTS   PDF-p. 133
C.6   The Dialogue between TFO_TRAU and TFO_BTS
C.7   The Dialogue between TFO_BTS and TFO_BSC   PDF-p. 142
C.8   Configuration Parameter Exchange on Abis/Ater and A Interfaces for AMR and AMR-WB   PDF-p. 143
C.9   Location of the TFO Decision Algorithm   PDF-p. 146

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