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9   Mobile termination errors [R3]   PDF-p. 213      Up
10   Commands for packet domain [R3]
10.0   General [R8]
10.1   Commands specific to MTs supporting the packet domain   PDF-p. 220
10.1.0   General remark about EPS bearer contexts and PDP contexts [R8]      Up
10.1.1   Define PDP context +CGDCONT   PDF-p. 221
10.1.2   Define secondary PDP context +CGDSCONT   PDF-p. 225
10.1.3   Traffic flow template +CGTFT   PDF-p. 227
10.1.4   Quality of service profile (requested) +CGQREQ   PDF-p. 230
10.1.5   Quality of service profile (minimum acceptable) +CGQMIN   PDF-p. 232
10.1.6   3G quality of service profile (requested) +CGEQREQ   PDF-p. 233
10.1.7   3G quality of service profile (minimum acceptable) +CGEQMIN   PDF-p. 236
10.1.8   3G quality of service profile (negotiated) +CGEQNEG   PDF-p. 240
10.1.9   PS attach or detach +CGATT   PDF-p. 242
10.1.10   PDP context activate or deactivate +CGACT      Up
10.1.11   PDP context modify +CGCMOD   PDF-p. 243
10.1.12   Enter data state +CGDATA   PDF-p. 244
10.1.13   Configure local octet stream PAD parameters +CGCLOSP (Obsolete)   PDF-p. 246
10.1.14   Show PDP address(es) +CGPADDR
10.1.15   Automatic response to a network request for PDP context activation +CGAUTO   PDF-p. 247
10.1.16   Manual response to a network request for PDP context activation +CGANS   PDF-p. 248
10.1.17   GPRS mobile station class +CGCLASS   PDF-p. 249
10.1.18   Configure local triple-X PAD parameters +CGCLPAD (GPRS only) (Obsolete)   PDF-p. 250
10.1.19   Packet domain event reporting +CGEREP
10.1.20   GPRS network registration status +CGREG   PDF-p. 254      Up
10.1.21   Select service for MO SMS messages +CGSMS [R8]   PDF-p. 257
10.1.22   EPS network registration status +CEREG [R8]
10.1.23   PDP context read dynamic parameters +CGCONTRDP [R8]   PDF-p. 260
10.1.24   Secondary PDP context read dynamic parameters +CGSCONTRDP [R8]   PDF-p. 262
10.1.25   Traffic flow template read dynamic parameters +CGTFTRDP [R8]   PDF-p. 264
10.1.26   Define EPS quality of service +CGEQOS [R8]   PDF-p. 265
10.1.27   EPS quality of service read dynamic parameters +CGEQOSRDP [R8]   PDF-p. 267
10.1.28   UE modes of operation for EPS +CEMODE [R8]   PDF-p. 268
10.1.29   Delete non-active PDP contexts +CGDEL [R9]
10.1.30   Signalling connection status +CSCON [R10]   PDF-p. 269      Up
10.1.31   Define PDP context authentication parameters +CGAUTH [R11]   PDF-p. 271
10.1.32   Initial PDP context activation +CIPCA [R11]
10.1.33   No more PS data +CNMPSD [R11]   PDF-p. 272
10.1.34   UE's usage setting for EPS +CEUS [R11]   PDF-p. 273
10.1.35   UE's voice domain preference E-UTRAN +CEVDP [R11]
10.1.36   UE's voice domain preference UTRAN +CVDP [R11]   PDF-p. 274
10.1.37   UE's mobility management IMS voice termination +CMMIVT [R11]   PDF-p. 275
10.1.38   Power preference indication for EPS +CEPPI [R11]
10.1.39   WLAN offload assistance data +CWLANOLAD [R13]   PDF-p. 276
10.1.40   WLAN offload cell measurement +CWLANOLCM [R13]   PDF-p. 278      Up
10.1.41   APN back-off timer status reporting +CABTSR [R14]   PDF-p. 279
10.1.42   APN back-off timer read dynamic parameters +CABTRDP [R14]   PDF-p. 280
10.1.43   Sending of originating data via the control plane +CSODCP [R14]   PDF-p. 281
10.1.44   Reporting of terminating data via the control plane +CRTDCP [R14]   PDF-p. 282
10.1.45   APN rate control +CGAPNRC [R14]   PDF-p. 283
10.2   Modem compatibility commands   PDF-p. 284

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