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7   Recommended requirements      Up
7.1   Discussion on individual recommended requirements
7.2   Discussion on proposed requirements for new SDP attributes
7.3   Discussion on proposed general requirements for the solution
7.4   Summary of proposed requirements   PDF-p. 53
7.5   Definition of new bandwidth information parameters   PDF-p. 54
8   Potential solution(s)
8.1   Potential solution A: Session re-negotiation
8.2   Potential solution B: New bandwidth modifiers in SDP offer and answer without SDP MiscCapNeg   PDF-p. 57      Up
8.3   Potential solution C: New bandwidth modifiers and SDPMiscCapNeg in SDP offer and answer
8.4   Potential solution D: New attribute for bandwidth information in SDP offer and answer for each RTP payload type   PDF-p. 65
8.5   Potential solution E: New bandwidth modifiers only in SDP answer
8.6   Potential solution F: New SDP attribute in SDP offer and answer for entire media line
8.7   Potential solution G: New SDP attribute only in SDP answer
8.8   Potential solution H: Bitrate variations
9   Conclusion and recommendations
A   Determining suitable averaging window length   PDF-p. 74      Up
B   Change history   PDF-p. 80

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