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TR 26.849 (SA4)
Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (MBMS) –
MBMS operation on demand

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Hall, Edward
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MooD is about enabling the setup of an MBMS user service on the fly and seamlessly migrating an existing service to an MBMS user service, about judging a unicast service to see if it would be better served by broadcast or unicast, and about enabling an MBMS Broadcast Session for an ongoing MBMS User Service where previously there was none active.

Specifically, MooD will investigate and specify enabling a BM-SC to convert a non-MBMS unicast service as an MBMS User Service (already available in TS 26.346 [2]) and distributing the USD describing the aforementioned MBMS User Service to interested UEs. Only services that can be expressed as an MBMS User Service can be converted (i.e. RTP, DASH, file download including PSS Progressive Download).

In addition, MooD will look into methods that may be able to determine or assist in determining the consumption of a service, and look into elements that may be able to be decision-makers on determining UC/BC transmission. The level of specification of this aspect is TBD. MooD will also work towards enable a USD to add an MBMS download or streaming session to an existing MBMS user service if uptake is high.

It should be noted that MooD will investigate the level of MooD support for UEs supporting pre-R12 MBMS. MooD will support at least MBMS Broadcast. Support of MBMS Multicast is FFS and is considered lower priority.

The present document covers:
  • Use cases on the dynamically establishment of MBMS User Services to offload unicast delivery of certain those contents.
  • Use cases for terminating a previously established MBMS User Service due to subsequently decrease in its consumption.
  • Recommended requirements on the BM-SC and UE to support on-demand MBMS.
  • Gap analyses in the existing TR 26.346 specification for supporting the recommended requirements for MooD operation.
  • High-level MBMS and unicast network architecture in the context of MooD.
  • Message sequence diagrams illustrating examples of MooD operation.
  • Description of solution frameworks that enable MooD operation, including configuration data, necessary interaction between BM-SC and UE to activate or trigger the MBMS client for reception of newly-established MBMS User Service, and the reporting of ongoing consumption of the MBMS service to enable measurement of ongoing demand for that service.


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1  ScopeWord-p. 6
2  References
3  AbbreviationsWord-p. 7
4  MBMS operation on Demand (MooD)
4.1  Introduction
4.2  Use Cases, Recommended Requirements, Gap Analysis and Working AssumptionsWord-p. 8
4.3  Architecture
4.4  Message FlowsWord-p. 12
A  Change historyWord-p. 34

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