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TS 26.454 (SA4)
Codec for Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) –
Interface to Iu, Uu, Nb and Mb

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V15.0.0 (PDF)2018/06  35 p.
V14.0.0  2017/03  37 p.
V13.2.0  2016/09  36 p.

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The Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) Codec is specified in Technical Specifications TS 26.441 to TS 26.451. The generic frame format for 3G CS networks is specified in TS 26.453. The allowed EVS Configurations of the UMTS_EVS Codec Type are specified in TS 26.103.

The present document specifies the mapping of the EVS generic frame format (TS 26.453) to the Iu Interface (TS 25.415) and the Uu Interface, including handling of the EVS-CMR by the UE and the Iu-terminating MGW. The present document specifies also the mapping to the Nb Interface in a BICC-based circuit switched core network. (TS 29.415.) and the Nb-Interface in a SIP-I-based circuit switched core network (TS 23.231).

The present document specifies also the interworking of different EVS Configurations on the terminations of the MGW and the interworking between EVS and AMR-WB on the terminations of the MGW.


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1  ScopePDF-p. 6
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsPDF-p. 7
4  GeneralPDF-p. 8
5  RAB aspectsPDF-p. 9
6  Iu Interface User Plane (RAN-CN)PDF-p. 10
7  Uu Interface User Plane (UE-RAN)
8  Nb Interface User Plane (CN-CN) of a BICC-based CS Core Network (NbF)
9  Nb Interface User Plane (CN-CN) of a SIP-I-based CS Core Network (NboIP)PDF-p. 23
10  Mb Interface User PlanePDF-p. 24
11  Interworking between MGW Terminations
11.1  Interworking between different EVS Configurations
11.2  Handling of Speech and SID payload
11.3  Filtering and Modification of EVS-CMR by the MGWUp
11.4  Interworking between Nb and MbPDF-p. 30
11.5  Interworking between EVS and AMR-WB
11.6  Interworking for the EVS Channel Aware ModePDF-p. 32
A  Change historyPDF-p. 35

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