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5.2   LP-based Coding   PDF-p. 135
5.2.1   Perceptual weighting      Up
5.2.2   LP filter coding and interpolation   PDF-p. 136
5.2.3   Excitation coding   PDF-p. 153   Excitation coding in the GC, VC and high rate IC/UC modes      Up   Excitation coding in TC mode   PDF-p. 187   Excitation coding in UC mode at low rates   PDF-p. 196   Excitation coding in IC and UC modes at 9.6 kbps   Excitation coding in GSC mode
5.2.4   Bass post-filter gain quantization   PDF-p. 213
5.2.5   Source Controlled VBR Coding
5.2.6   Coding of upper band for LP-based Coding Modes   PDF-p. 220   Bandwidth extension in time domain   Multi-mode FD Bandwidth Extension Coding   PDF-p. 246   Coding of upper band at 64 kb/s   PDF-p. 261

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